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Power Unit - S44

Flo-Master M80
Silent Master S4
Silent Master S44
Silent Master S5
Flo-Master F700T
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S44 Power Unit

  • 12 gallon dirt capacity.
  • A utility inlet for vacuuming directly from the power unit.
  • The finest, electrical components: Basler transformers, Honeywell relays, and Lamb motors.
  • Electronically spot-welded, 20 gauge steel construction.
  • Unequalled, quiet operation.

SilentMaster , Quiet yet powerful operation.

This is the result of nearly fifty years of experience in the design and manufacturing of central vacuum cleaning systems. This singular commitment to the central vacuum cleaning industry has produced the patented, innovative characteristics of the SilentMaster, which has led the quest for quiet operation.

SilentMaster is a vertical bag-type central vacuum. Why use bags instead of cyclonic action?

Bags are the most efficient way to filter a central vacuum. Bagged units exhaust little-to-no debris, saving the motors from being bombarded by vacuumed particles. Owners do not have to externally exhaust a SilentMaster to the outside of a home. SilentMaster exhaust is clean enough to breathe and can be exhausted freely. And when you empty a SilentMaster, there is no billowing dust cloud. All the dust is trapped inside a filter bag, and is easily disposed of.

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SilentMaster vs. an average central vacuum

Owners Manual

Vertical Bag Filtration

Enjoy longer motor life and cleaner air with MD’s Vertical Bag Filtration featuring Hyperflow* material.  Silent-Master’s 1,500 square inches of filter surface area allow sustained performance and fine micro-filtration.  The unique tapered design of the filter allows air to be drawn in from the sides of the filters rather than through the debris. An average home only requires the Hyperflow filter to be changed twice a year.

SilentMaster features HyperFlow filtration. Our filter bags are a 3-ply microgeometric technology. They are not made like typical paper bags, but are a woven cloth-like material. HyperFlow is engineered for most airflow while still functioning as a filter.

MD SilentMaster units have a 12-Gallon dirt capacity. We know that the last thing you want to do is empty your vacuum. That's why we give you the most capacity in its class. A larger dirt capacity also means a lesser restriction of airflow, which means users experience a more powerful vacuum more of the time.




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