Power Unit Location

The power unit can be located in the garage, basement, utility room or any other area that is dry and remote enough that living areas will not be affected by the sound of the electric motor. The unit must be mounted within three feet of an electrical outlet. Electrical specifications of the power unit should be checked to avoid overloading the circuit. The unit should be mounted so that it is out of the way but still accessible for emptying. If the system is to be exhausted to the outdoors the power unit should be located on an exterior wall. Venting to areas such as patios and entranceways should be avoided.

** Vacuums must breath - do not enclose. If the unit is to be located in a cupboard or utility room it must be vented. Louvred doors fulfil this purpose. A muffler can be used to minimize noise. The drawing above represents a top emptying vacuum unit with exhaust on the bottom. On some central vacuum units they empty from the bottom and exhaust from the top. The instructions here are for both styles.

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