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New Power Units and Accessories

AirMaster A900r2Q

Air Watts: 866

The A900r2Q is suitable for homes under 20,000 ft2 / 1858m2 and has a 8 gallon Microtex Inverted Cloth & Tru-Seal Closed Bag.

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SilentMaster S900

Air Watts: 905

The S900 is suitable for homes under 20,000 ft2 / 1858m2 and has a 8 gallon Tru-Seal Closed Bag.

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Axis Upgrade Kit


Axis brush sold separately.
The Axis Upgrade Kit includes the Glide Plate, Microfiber Pad, and Fringed Microfiber Pad for the ultimate Axis cleaning experience.

Axis Glide Plate: for easy gliding over low-pile carpets and rugs.
Axis Microfiber Pad: for easy dust mopping of hard floors. Dry use only.
Axis Fringed Microfiber Pad: for dust mopping hard floors, fringe catches larger debris. Dry use only.

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Long Reach Vacuum Tool


This tool is perfect for many difficult vacuuming jobs. At 32.5 inches long and only 1/2 inch tall it is the perfect size to get into narrow awkward spaces.

There are two openings for effective cleaning. A larger opening on the under side that is 4.5 x 1.5 inches and a slit opening on the leading 2 inch wide edge.

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WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose (WallyFlex Accessory)


WallyFlex is a convenient vacuum tool suitable for bathroom, kitchen, garage, or workshop. It is an innovative auxiliary hose for central vacuums that is always there when you need it.

WallyFlex's design makes installation simple. The hose stretches to 14 feet and standard attachments fit directly on WallyFlex.

Installing WallyFlex is like adding an additional inlet valve to your wall. The same pipe, fittings, low voltage wire, and backing plate are used to create the new valve. WallyFlex comes with everything you need to install it on a simple standard back plate like our part M517C. Put the valve at or around light switch height so Wally Flex is easy to use.

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7-foot Stretch Hose

This hose can stretch up to 24 feet and is a perfect way to utilize your existing system for quick clean-ups without getting out the long central vacuum hose!

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Power Unit Muffler

Decrease that irritating sound by inserting this muffler into any central vacuum that has 2" OD diameter exhaust port(s). One muffler per exhaust port on the vacuum itself. Total Length is 13.5 inches.

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