Central Vac Guarantees

A household appliance like a built in vacuum cleaner can be a sizeable investment. Your new machine needs to work properly for as long as possible. The guarantee it comes with is an important consideration - and a good measure of how much confidence the manufacturer has in its machines.

Every Central Vac machine comes with a free parts guarantee. And if anything does go wrong, we're there to help. Our first point of call is to email us on centralvacinfo@gmail.com alternatively you can leave a voicemail on 01474 352264

To help you understand how Central Vac guarantees work and what they cover, we have put together the answers to some common questions.

How do I register my free Central Vac guarantee?

If purchasing direct from us your guarantee will be registered automatically. If a third party has purchased your vacuum unit please register it on centralvacmdguarantee@gmail.com quoting name of original purchaser, the serial number of the machine and address of installation. The warranty will start with the date of original purchase. Please note that this is an unmonitored email address.

How long are new Central Vac machines guaranteed for?

Because of the lengths we go to in development and testing, we have utter confidence in every one of our machines. That's why we provide some of the longest guarantees in the industry. All of our machines are guaranteed for 3 years.

What is covered by the free Central Vac guarantee?

Your machine's motor and circuit board are covered by your guarantee.  Please note that to ensure your guarantee your machine must be serviced annually.
A Central Vac guarantee is in addition to your legal rights as a consumer.

What is not covered by the free Central Vac guarantee?

There are some circumstances that are not covered by a Central Vac guarantee. These include accidental damage, misuse, blockages, use of parts or accessories that are not Genuine Components.  The vacuuming of building materials will also invalidate your guarantee.  Labour is also not included.

Where can I buy genuine Central Vac spares and accessories?

All spares and accessories can be brought from ourselves.
Please remember that using non-Central Vac spares invalidates your guarantee.

How can I contact Central Vac customer service?

Please email us your enquiry to centralvacinfo@gmail.com